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During 2022 and 2023 editions Next Age supported the acceleration and growth of many startups active in diverse Silver Economy fields

Live interactive online education and wellbeing programs for care home residents enabling facilities to provide affordable, meaningful and engaging class activities.

Italy. Digital marketplace for dog sitting, allowing people of all ages to stay active, socialize, and make a side income, while enjoying the benefits of pet companionship.

Italy. Digital therapy platform to help physical therapists deliver personalized rehabilitation remotely and at scale.

USA. AI/ML-enabled software improving care for patients with neurological disorders through AI monitoring and real-time voice/video interactions.

Spain. Wearable device mimicking physical therapy to help stroke patients with movement impairment achieve their therapeutic objectives, sooner and wherever they want.

Italy. Portable urinary tract infections testing revolution: <1hour results, better & cheaper.

Italy. A format to help seniors, caregivers and institutions by measuring, monitoring, and training brain health for optimal aging.

Singapore. Dual task-cognitive motor training solution to maintain and enhance brain body performance.

Italy. The marketplace where patients, pharmacists and healthcare professionals can connect: from 2 hours drug delivery to accessing professionals closest to patient.

Italy. Solution for early detection and prevention of muscle function loss.

Germany. A gamified early detection and prevention tool that helps people with cognitive impairment to improve brain health.

Italy. AI enabled smart cane to help the blind and visually impaired move around safely and independently.

Italy. Fast and convenient medical diagnostic tests done at home.

Italy. Gamified virtual reality rehabilitation solution for neurodegenerative diseases.

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Italy. AI-powered smart pill dispenser for a better adherence to therapy, with a fall detection and prediction system.

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Roble App

Spain. App for seniors to enable active, social and healthy aging.